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From an early age, I used to say that I wanted to be an archeologist. I read books on greek, egyptian, roman and precolombian archeology during my childhood.

I loved going to museums, especially the first museum of archeology in France, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.


When I was 11, I had the chance to take drawing and modeling lessons at the Painting Academy in Rouen with Laszlo Mindszenty, a hungarian artist. These were happy as well as determinant years for me. 


At the age of 20, I find myself in the world of Haute Couture. I am trained by a « première d’atelier » from whom I got a taste for fashion. This is how I started to create accessories for various fashion designers, as an independant artist.

I began to thoroughly explore materials and shapes.

Pascale Hamelin

It was a very exciting and rich experience, during which I learned patience and perseverance. 


After nearly 10 years of sculpting fabrics, sculpture became an evidence, even an emergency.

I finally came back to modeling, so that I could put into shape all the things that challenged and haunted me : the place of woman in societies, the human memory, as well as wars and genocides with their screams and their unspoken words throughout history.


Clay, stone and vegetal brought me back to the essential, and most of all to my first love : archeology.

Unknowingly, I may have created my own archeology…


Creation is stronger that anything and it pushes me to seek deeper.

In order to move on and meditate on society, I have to create. 

Today, I let myself be guided by my readings, my encounters and by the news.

I listen and look at the world, I let myself be disturbed in order to convey better my feelings.

To create is for me a position statement and a way to report or to call to mind.

My profound need to create is stronger than anything and overwhelms me most of the time…


Sculpting, is modeling the thought, materializing it, making it come alive. 




• First collaboration with photograph Lou Engel



• Conference on Memory under Occupation, with canadian writer  Nicole Haillot in the Jules Roy house in Vézelay


• First collaboration with photograph and painter Claude Turlan


• Event in the Palais de Justice in Bruxelles, with the creation of a bronze trophy « IP Women of the year 2008 », awarded to Madame la ministre Christine Lagarde.

• Creation of a bronze cross for the frontage of the protestant temple in Sartrouville, for an exhibition on the 50 years of Martin Luther King’s death.


• First collaboration with photograph Vincent Smetana.

• Training course with sculptor Kaol


• Workshop of sculptor Florence Jacquesson


• Workshop of sculptor Marianne Guyader


• History of Art at the CEHA in Chatou


• Workhop of painter Luka Kandl


• History of Art at the Aix en Provence University


• Free Academy of Painting Laszlo Mindszenti in Rouen 


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